Chromaphilia: The Story of Color in Art Paul, Stella

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"Stella Paul has written a most useful and readable book on the complex subject of color which addresses expertly both its material and affective properties. The many works of art that she illustrates are in her well balanced text not merely data for a clinical examination of color, but a source of sensitive analysis and interpretation."--Philippe de Montebello, Director Emeritus, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"By bringing together such a volume of notable and influential works from a rich variety of visionaries - Michelangelo, Picasso, Jean Dubuffet, Georgia O'Keefe and Marlene Dumas among them - the author highlights attitudes towards, as well as the meanings behind colour throughout history."

"Fascinating and unique... A must have book for serious students and on academics alike." --Retirement Today

"Find yourself amid a riot of vibrancy and bright ideas... From how artists have discovered new hues to accessible explanations of the science behind specific colours and how they are made."--Homes & Antiques

"A colour-coded journey through the history of art."--Artists & Illustrators

"How do you make blue from rocks? Why do some colours make us feel a certain way? And how have artists drawn on that power through the centuries? Studying 10 colours and over 200 artworks [...] Chromaphiliacelebrates art's greatest resource."--Daily Telegraph

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