Finger Painting Level 1: Stickers Inside / Olga Uzorova

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These unique and innovative books are based on the early childhood development system invented by bestselling experts Olga Ouzorova and Elena Nefedova. Their methods help children develop essential skills such as logical thinkingspeechimagination, and especially, creativity and emotional awareness. Kids love to paint with their fingers, and these books are perfect for creating first masterpieces that are perfect for framing! Helps develop early learning skills and sharpen fine motor skills. Includes playful rhymes to keep little artists engaged and entertained. The pages include ready-made templates and easy instructions to make learning funLittle painters will learn about animals, plants, and many other child-popular subjects. All finger painting activities are organized by levels of complexity and are age-appropriate for each child. A wonderful way to spark conversation with your child.
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