Gull Studio Embroidered Scarf Large Black Grid & Flowers

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Flossie Gull is a Colorado-based artist holding several degrees in Fine Arts and Interiors. During her  extensive career, she has had the good fortune of ranging through a variety of multi-disciplinary artistic  practices. Gull is currently absorbed with linen and interactions of threads and paint, and fracturing  watercolor skies to focus on the smaller aspects of the greater cosmos. 

In her artistic pursuits, Gull has recognized a common focus across the disciplines which is distilled in her  Artist Statement. "In my artistic journeys overlapping the disciplines of Painting, Textiles and Interiors, I  have returned to one inherent approach. It is that my rapture rises not from the overview, but from the  intrinsic aspects of the detail, the pulse of the individual quality of an object or part of an object. No  matter how large or broad the subject, there remain details to be discovered."

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