Smartphone Photography Guide / Peter Cope

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Make the most of your smartphone camera with this enlarged, updated edition of the handy guide to creating brilliant photos and videos!


Smartphones have put powerful cameras, literally, in our pockets and encouraged us to document our lives in ever-increasing detail. But do we realize their full potential? This dedicated guide explores the best practices for taking, creating, manipulating, and sharing photographs and videos on your smartphone. Instructive and inspirational, it covers the Top 10 rules for picture taking, delves into popular genres (such as children and pets, concerts and festivals, action and sports), and provides Pro Tips for achieving more professional-quality images. "Try this" panels and jargon-buster boxes explain technical terms in context. Updated with all the latest on VR kits, snapping selfies, and the best apps, The Smartphone Photography Guide helps you become the best photographer you can be.
Suitable for all general smartphone users, platform agnostic, compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

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