SIGNED When the Borders Bleed / Ed Kashi

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"The Kurds have no friends-no friends but the mountains." This powerful photo essay masterfully illustrates this Kurdish saying as it chronicles the Kurds' seemingly endless struggle for survival. Hitchens, columnist for the Nation and Vanity Fair, describes the history of the Kurds in a 30-page introductory essay, documenting their legacy as victims of geopolitics. The 100 photographs by photojournalist Kashi, who traveled to Kurdistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran, and even Germany, powerfully reveal the plight of contemporary Kurds. This book is unquestionably an apologia for the Kurds meant to keep alive awareness of their struggle. Nevertheless, there is criticism of the Kurds' internal divisiveness; their situation is not entirely a result of actions beyond their control. When the Borders Bleed succeeds as a cohesive work. The prose is clear and succinct, the photographs persuasive and directly related to the prose. Highly recommended for public libraries, where there is likely to be little material available on the Kurds.
Ruth K. Baacke, Whatcom Cty. Lib. Sys., Bellingham, Wash.

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