Laurie Anderson / Roselee Goldberg

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The term performance artist isn't heard much anymore, but in its heyday, mixed-media artist and musician Anderson was the performance artist nonpareil. Beginning as a solo monologist and singer who used distinctive dress, props, photos, films, and electronic devices, Anderson gradually expanded the scale of her work. Since United States, completed in 1983, she has required other technicians, musicians, dancers, and singers to realize full-scale theatrical works, the latest of which, Songs and Stories from Moby Dick (1999), is the first employing a preexisting story. This album of performance photos and art, song lyrics, and monologues from her works affords quite an eyeful, which Goldberg describes rather than critiques. Lacking the sound of Anderson's voice, straight and electronically varied in pitch so that she can sound male and even carry on dialogues without hiring an actor, the book can't fully convey her wry and surreal humor or the satiric notes she expresses through spoken pitch and duration. Still, it is some book! Ray Olson
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