New color mixing companion

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Uncover new ideas and easy methods of working with color from artist and popular Instagrammer Josie Lewis (@josielewisart), who offers fun lessons that will help you understand color in new ways, opening fresh avenues for your own artwork.

This comprehensive guide begins with an introduction to color that includes the color wheel,  basic color terminology, and essential supplies. Starter projects help you get comfortable with color while learning how to work with watercolor, acrylic paint, and collage. Next-level projects take your skills even further, with more innovative techniques.

The book also includes easy-to-use templates with modern geometric layouts that you can use to create your own stunning color patterns. You'll also discover how to:

  • Make gorgeous rainbow effects using a variety of materials and methods.
  • Work and play with scraps, shapes and swatches in an array of hues that will help build your color confidence.
  • Create beautiful texture in watercolor and acrylic paint using simple supplies and techniques.
  • Mix colors to produce shades ranging from calming neutrals to blazing brights.
  • Use color effectively to take your imagination to new heights.

Open yourself to incredible creative possibilities with The New Color Mixing Companion!

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