Sculpture Principle and Practice / Louis Slobodkin

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Sculpture: Principles and Practice is one of the most authoritative and comprehensive books on the creation of sculpture. Unlike other instructional guides by people who have never had their fingers wet with clay, this book is the accumulation of many years of practical knowledge and experience by a noted American sculptor and art instructor.
Mr. Slobodkin starts with the very basics of the art and leaves no area uncovered. He advises the novice what type of material is best to work with, and in a step-by-step process shows how to begin with elementary forms and proceed to the more complex, used for creating human figures, portrait heads, bas reliefs, and other forms of sculpture. Helpful instruction and diagrams of the proper procedure for constructing armatures and the proper methods for the use of tools are passed on to the reader along the way.
When the use of clay and plasteline are well in hand, Mr. Slobodkin moves to the handling of more difficult materials. Plaster casting, wood carving, stone carving, terra cotta, metal sculpture, and architectural sculpture are all covered with hundreds of drawings and progressive photographs to add clarity. A most welcome aspect of this book is the author's witty and readable style. Technical passages never become oppressive, and words of encouragement and inspiration are offered frequently. One is well aware that the author was once a novice and facing the same difficulties himself. For the beginner this book is invaluable, but even those who have been sculpting for years will find the latter chapters full of helpful hints and useful information.

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