Stainless Steel Rib

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The Shape 0 Stainless Rib (SS0) is our smallest rib. The traditional kidney shape of this potters rib is the most universally recognized clay tool. This little rib can get into tight places and is good for detail work.

The Shape 1 Stainless Rib (SS1) is a traditional kidney-shaped rib. Potters ribs in this shape are the most universally recognized pottery tool. It fits well in the hand and is useful for sculpting, hand building and throwing clay.

The Shape 5 Stainless Rib (SS5) has much in common with our Shape 1 Stainless Rib, only on a bigger scale. It offers more surface coverage, making it great for smoothing a slab of clay.

The Shape 2 Stainless Rib (SS2) is a workhorse for throwing, smoothing and compressing.

The corner point on the Shape 4 Stainless Rib (SS4) gives a beautiful line on the clay; you also get two flat surfaces and three radiuses.


Text and photos courtesy of Mudtools.

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