X-Acto Knives & Blades

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#1 Set w/5 # 11 Blades: For light-duty arts projects, these sets include a #1 knife plus five blades. The assortment includes five #11 blades.

Snap-Off Blade Knife Plastic Utility Knife: This innovative knife makes loading a fresh blade a snap. The adjustable carbon steel blade has eight segments that can be snapped off as the cutting edge becomes dull. Designed for heavy-duty cutting, it may be used on carpet, wallpaper, dry wall, vinyl, foam board and all your heavy-duty cutting needs. It has a built-in attachment to snap off worn blades. The ratchet locking system prevents the blade from slipping, while the adjustable blade length ensures precision cuts. It contains two replacement blades in the handle s storage compartment.

Snap-Off Blade Utility Knives: Featuring a rigid metal sleeve for durability and safety, these knives have a positive slide-lock mechanism, single-hand operation, built-in blade snapper, extra blade storage compartment and two blades.

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